Posted by: tammyandphat | March 1, 2010


We don’t officially have our flowergirls and ring bearers yet but we already know who we have in mind..just gotta ask their mommies and daddies!  And the kids of course..just kidding..THEY HAVE NO CHOICE! mwuaha. ;-p

So I was with Sue and my mom over the weekend and we found super cute flowergirl dresses at Marshalls! They have really cute dresses that can be used as flowergirl dresses right now since it’s Easter season! Suuuper cute. We were just about to buy them but the line for the cash registers were super long and we had to get home. Rats! Sue also found a flower dress at Target too that was so cute and so affordable!  Look at these cute flowergirl dresses with feathers!!

And oh so cute Ring Bearer outfit!

Speaking of clothing for the wedding..boy do I need to get going on finding a wedding dress!

-Tammy (as if you couldn’t tell it wasn’t Phat lol)


  1. awww so cute!!!! now its time to find your dress!…with feathers haha

  2. LOL!!!

  3. Hi

    we have just been looking at your blog and i absoloutely love the flowergirls feather dress, could you tell me what website i would be able to find it on we live in england though hope we can still get one!! hope your day goes great xxx

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