Posted by: tammyandphat | March 26, 2010

Engagement/Birthday Celebration

We celebrated our engagement and my birthday at Red in Newport Beach back in January and it was a such a fun/funny night. Good times!

We passed out Ring Pops as party favors…little did I know that everyone’s tongues would turn blue or red! ha ha..I asked the girls to be my bridesmaids this night and gave them personalized heart boxes with hello kitty rings inside. Here are a few pics from the night!


  1. hello kitty rings?!! booo i missed out

  2. don’t worry annie! I have yours at home!! Lol

  3. that shirt willy was wearing is forever lost, never to be worn again…. AHHHHH MY SHIRT IS RIPPED!

    • Lol poor willy..good times though

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