Posted by: tammyandphat | March 29, 2010


Our wedding photographer is going to be….

I contacted photographers using my buddies,, and Craigslist.  We also got great referrals from our friends too!  After emailing different photographers we were able to narrow it down and met 5 different photographers in person. Now that I look back I can’t believe we met with 5!  The 5th was a charm!

Our dear friend Virginia Vo referred us to Jay with Chocolate Photography and on Friday, March 5 we met them at their studio in LA. When I talked to Jay’s wife Janice through emails she seemed so nice and was so prompt on emailing me back all of the time which was just one of the things that made her stand out from the rest. Phat and I just had a really good feeling when we were at their studio which, by the way, was SO cute, it had this vintage/rustic but still modern vibe and I seriously wanted to steal this light blue and gold vintage chair they had lol..anyways…we both really liked Chocolate’s photography style and it was a plus that their albums were nice too! 

Speaking of photography..when Phat and I signed our contract at The Villa (on 1/1/10 – Nikki’s FIRST of the year! :D) we also booked Pixel Photo Booths! They give us a box of props but we’re going to try to scrounge up a few of our own..mwuaha.

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