Posted by: tammyandphat | May 3, 2010

Marriage Preparation and Invitations

Phat and I went to our first day of our Marriage Preparation class on Saturday at Our Lady Queen of Angels in Newport Beach, after that we went to Alin Party Supply in Lakewood because my co workers Pam and Vanessa told me to check out invitations there! Boy were they right..they had tons and tons of invitation books to look at! Our last stop was Paper Source at Crystal Court..after that we were just pooped out!

This is our classroom…out of all the groups we think our group is the coolest!!  Our table is the one on the right 🙂

Trust, Communication, & Passion!! Keep the passion alive!!!

Our group leaders Linh and Luan..they are such an awesome couple..they inspired us!

The class we signed up for meets twice..our next and last session is next Saturday, May 8. The class is pretty cool..but who likes homework??! We sure don’t 😦

Phat looking at invitations at Alin Party Supply:

Look at all the books of invitations they have! There were even more stacked on the tables.

I must admit I got a little overwhelmed…

..then I just knocked out…lol ;-D

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