Posted by: tammyandphat | June 20, 2010

Bridesmaid Ao Dais (Tea Ceremony Dresses)

We went to Elegant Bridal in Westminster to rent Ao Dai’s (traditional Vietnamese dress) for the Bridesmaids for the Tea Ceremony! My sister and I went the day before and found these really cute blue ao dai’s! The girls chose two designs. I would highly recommend Elegant Bridal-they have a big selection of different ao dai’s at a really affordable price!

Sue lost in the rainbow of Ao Dais!

Here is a short video we took inside the dressing room (we are trying to be as quiet as possible because no cameras were allowed). All the girls look so cute! Missing from the BMs was Linda..she had to work but she’ll be coming by to pick out which style she likes. I love the girls’ catwalk style and Annie’s Chun Li kick. lol.

Here’s a video at the end when we were all done w/ the fittings.  After that we went to eat and then later in the day we went to see Karate Kid! Awesome movie. Will Smith’s son is soo cute!

Like This!


  1. hahaha the first video…we should all have the chun li hairstyle for your wedding lol

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