Posted by: tammyandphat | August 7, 2010


Jamaica here we come!! White sandy beaches and all inclusive resorts!  We will be staying at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort.  We were going to go on a cruise and do some sightseeing, but after all of this stressful wedding planning, we just really leaned more towards doing something where we can just pay for it all up front and  just relax at a nice resort, sip on cocktails, hang out in the water and not have to worry about anything else for the rest of the trip.  After all this work, we deserve it.  A cruise would be AWESOME but we decided that a sightseeing trip would be awesome with our friends!  Plus, Phat and I did the cruise thing before, and we don’t want to have to worry about the alcohol tab after.

So I am super excited.  It’s all inclusive, so we get to drink drink drink and eat eat eat all we want!!!  And what’s cool is that Jamaica has 7 different Sandals Resorts and we get  to “stay” at one and “play” at all 7 of them.  They transport you to any of the resorts.  I’m just hoping there isn’t like a tropical storm or something when we go..but if there is..we’ll still have a blast! I don’t care! I was watching The Girls Next Door episode when they stay at Sandals Negril in Jamaica and got all pumped up. If we’re up for it, maybe we’ll check out zip lining too! It will be my first time snorkeling too…

Here are a few pics of the resort we’re staying at and our room.  At first we weren’t going to, but we caved and go a swim-up room:

I always wanted to do a private dinner in the water! I feel like you would see this on The Bachelorette or something..

^We get to take a boat any time to that island on the right where there’s entertainment and a thai restaurant. Kind of reminds me of the Eden West Resort in the movie Couples

Eat on our patio!

Pool bar! yay!

Jamaican me crazy! Rum here we come!


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