Posted by: tammyandphat | August 24, 2010

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

If you have scanned through our blog, you would know that we our Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are just around the corner! The girls will be jetting off this Thursday night while the guys jet off Friday morning.  Yes, we all be in Vegas the same weekend!  The guys are staying at Venetian and the girls are staying at Encore.  We originally wanted to have our parties the same weekend..but different locations. Neither of us wanted to be sitting at home wondering what the other one was up to so we agreed, “whatever we end up doing, let’s just do it the same weekend”..but as fate would have it, we both ended up having our parties in the same city! Don’t worry, the bachelorettes and bachelors have seperate agendas. Honestly, Phat and I really don’t care if we bump into each would be quite funny actually!

Of course I can’t post what all of our plans are for the whole weekend but I’m sure the guys have a lot planned for the weekend, and so do the girls! To keep with the girls’ Roaring 20’s/Jazzy theme on Saturday night, we will be dining at Sinatra at Encore. It so goes w/ the theme!


We will definitely be back with some pictures to post and a recap of our parties! Stay tuned!!




  1. Thats so funny cuz im going to vegas this friday!
    have fun tammy

    • Really? With your family?! What hotel are you staying at?

      • im going with my family and matthew’s family. i think we r staying at the Monte Carlo Hotel. we will b staying for 3 nights.

  2. Maybe we will run into each other!

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