Posted by: tammyandphat | September 4, 2010

Marriage License

I filled out our marriage license online a while ago..but we finally were able to get off our butts and actually go to the courthouse yesterday and finalize it!! So exciting. We went to the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana.  It took 10 minutes! Super quick.  Now, after our actual church ceremony, we just need one witness to sign it, along with our priest and then it will be official!!!! Can’t wait to marry my best friend. ❤

After getting our marriage license, Phat and I took the trek over to Huntington Beach to check out prices for a rehearsal dinner.  We checked out Dukes and Sandy’s at the Beach.  We contacted Yard House and Tantalum in Long Beach as well.  We really want to have a dinner somewhere with a nice view of a harbor or the ocean..stay tuned!

Pictures and recap of our bachelor/bachelorette parties up soon!!

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