Posted by: tammyandphat | September 30, 2010

Bachelorette Party!

It’s been long over due..but I finally have time to post about my bachelorette party weekend!  I just have to say that it was an amAZING weekend with all the lovely ladies.  We stayed at Encore in Vegas August 26-30.

When we arrived on Thursday I surprised all of the ladies with a limo with roses and champagne for all the lovely ladies.  Only a portion of us flew in that day..the rest of the ladies drove out and met us up on Friday!

That first night, we strolled the strip..and landed wherever the Vegas wind took was an interesting and hairy night! lol

On Friday, Sue kicked me out to decorate the room and Yvette kept me company downstairs in the casino. The room was SO CUTE. The girls put stars all over the walls, they hung strands of pearls all over the room, and gold was really cute! Sue made gift bags for the bridesmaids that had Roaring 20’s gear for our Saturday theme in them..she included pearls, boas, and feather head pieces! Check out the facebook link below to see more pictures of how the room was decorated. Super cute.

Friday, our theme was Ho White and the Seven Whores. Love it! Since I had 7 bridesmaids I just had to do this theme. Sue helped me with all of the “Whore” names. So hilarious: Gropey, Slappy, Assful, Teasey, Scrappy, C*ck, and Humpy!

Each shirt had a little iron-on patch of their dwarf!! Soo cute:

Getting the party started!

That night, we had tickets to see the Male Strip Show “American Storm” at Planet Hollywood..the show was a lot of fun. LOL..

At night, I changed into a Snow White or should I say, Ho White costume that I actually bought a couple of years ago, but never got a chance to wear it! It was perfect for the occasion!

On Saturday, we spent all day at Encore’s Beach Club pool party. I have to of the the best was SO much so much fun..we got bottle service and our table/lounge area was right in the water..such an awesome spot! Right in the middle of all the action

After Beach Club, we went back to our rooms and got ready for a night out on the town.  We at dinner at Sinatra which was right downstairs at our hotel.  Our theme was Roaring 20’s!!! Okay, I always wanted to do a 20’s themed I knew I wanted to do this theme for the bachelorette party.  Feathers, pearls, oh my!! The girls dressed to the nines and everyone looked so smokin! I gave everyone an envelope with a flapper name and some flapper flash cards with some flapper lingo!

We had a party bus that took us club hopping! We had a little TOO much fun in the party bus!

That night was a blast.  On Sunday, we did a lot of resting and recovering.  We had lunch over at the Grand Luxe at Venetian and then we met up with the guys at the Wynn casino. We gambled and just relaxed.

Us girls had dinner at Ra and went back to recover and rest up for our early flight on Monday!

I had such an amazing time in Vegas for my bachelorette party w/ my closest was seriously so much fun and a trip to remember.  There are tons more pictures..feel free to check them here:  Pictures!

Thank you again ladies for an amazing weekend that I will never forget!!! xoxo!

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