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We got our flowers from Boulevard Florist.  As stated in the last post about flowers, I wanted to incorporate Cafe au Lait Dahlias in the wedding. At my second meeting with Ann, she had ordered Dahlias but the wrong kind. Apparently, Cafe Au Lait Dahlias are really hard to find.  Anyways, I put my trust in her and trusted that she’d have the right flower on the wedding day, and she did! Here are some pictures of our flowers that day!

Church Alter Arrangments ~ Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, Lilies, light blue Hydrangeas, Irises, and light yellow roses.

We wanted to use the two alter arrangmets as much as possible, so instead of just using them at church we had them brought over to the house in the morning, then we also used them at the reception for our Thank You pictures with every guest.

Phat's boutonniere ~ Ivory rose

For the groom’s side of the family we got light yellow roses, as well as for the groomsmen, and for the bride’s side of the family we got light pink roses.

Flowers for Mary

For the flowers for Mary, Ann put together an arrangement of ivory roses and lilies.

Bridesmaids' Bouquets!

For the bridesmaids we got light yellow and light pink roses.  For the maid of honor, we did light yellow roses and Cafe Au Lait Dahlias to match the bride.

Groomsmen and their!! Aren't they pretty?

Bouquet vases for the Girls

I sooo wish that I had a picture of the vases that I made for the girls to put their bouquets in.  This is the only picture I have of them!  Instead of a normal vase, I found vases that were beer mugs! I found them at the vase section at Shinodas and they were heavier so the vase surely couldn’t fall over.  I got light blue ribbon and gold initial stickers to personalize each one for the girls.  I figured they could put the mugs in their freezer and reuse them for a frothy beer! Also, this way the girls could have something to put the flowers  in during the reception.

Sweetheart Table

All of the reception flowers were done by Lifetime Weddings. More dahlias at the sweetheart table!


For centerpieces we did the standard dendrobium orchids that came with our package.  We thought they turned out perfect and we actually got a lot of compliments on them. yay! Felt good to save some money there.

Bride's Bouquet

For my bouquet she did ivory roses and dahlias. She also threw in some crystals on the roses. Turned out super cute!


Toss Bouquet

Ann threw in the toss bouquet for me for free.  I never really realized there was a seperate toss bouquet, I guess I always assumed the bride threw her actual bouquet! lol.

My bridesmaid caught the bouquet!

One of my lovely bridesmaids, Annie caught the bouquet!! It looks like it got a little messed up in the scuffle! Poor yellow rose! lol. You’re next, Annie! Can’t wait!

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