Posted by: tammyandphat | November 24, 2010

Cookie Table and some Outtakes!

I had all these ideas about doing a milk and cookies bar at the wedding. Once I saw this picture online, all these ideas popped into my head!

Seems easy enough, but then it just started getting really pricey once I started calculating how much it would cost to buy martini glasses! And then I thought of shot glasses! I was thinking about having shot glasses to pour milk into and to double as favors and came across these shot glasses at

I took a screenshot of what it would look like. LOL. So cute how they have an image of a milk carton and a cookie!!!  We were so close to doing this.  I asked our reception coordinator about it and she said the venue would charge for a waiter to stand at the cookie bar to make sure the milk stays cold and to make sure shot glasses are filled up and stuff. They would also provide us with cocktail napkins and cocktail plates as long as we supply the milk, cookies, shot glasses etc.  Everything got a little too pricey for us, so in the end we didn’t end up doing this.

We were totally stuck on the cookie idea and still wanted to have cookies at the reception so we just did a round table and bought our own cookie jars from Shinodas.  We bought our favorite cookies: Oreos, Circus Animal cookies, Oatmeal, and chocolate chip.  Those jars are more expensive than you would think, man!! We’d like to have more jars of cookies, but in the end we decided that 4 different jar sizes were just enough 🙂

About a week before the wedding, Phat and I asked my brother to take some pictures of us being silly with Oreos so that we could frame them and put them on our cookie table. The pictures turned out cute!

I printed out a collage of some of our pictures from our “photo session” and put it in an 8×10 gold frame that I bought from Marshalls!

Here are some of the pictures that made the cut and some of our outtakes:

So here are some pictures of our cookie table! We added also added a few votive candles to the table:

This table was put right in the middle of the foyer area under a chandelier which was the first thing the guests saw as they walked inside the actual building.

In this picture you can see our bridesmaid Yvette already eyeing the cookies when we first arrived! 🙂

Busted!! Our photographer got a picture of her sneaking into the cookie jar!! haha

Yummy Circus Animal Cookies! I just love the festive colors too!

This was something else I was going to add to the Cookie Table but time didn’t allow. I was trying to find some really cute cookie love quotes and came across this really cute Cookie Monster Quote:

Sometimes me think what is love, and then me think love is what last cookie is for. Me give up the last cookie for you.”-Cookie Monster

 LOL it made me cute. I wanted to create something and put it on the table but I just had no time..just a small detail that didn’t make the cut 😦

In the end I’m kind of glad we didn’t do the milk thing..just because I don’t know if our guests would really want to drink milk while they were also drinking alcohol..I know when I’m drinking alcohol, I most certainly do not crave milk! The concept is really cute though!

So as I was looking at our pictures from our photo session with my brother, I came across some other outtakes! We were going to have two picture frames up on the bar: one for me with a picture of a pineapple that said “Bride’s Drink: Pineapple and Vodka!” and one that said “Groom’s Drink: Corona with Lime!” So cute! But this was totally a last minute thing, I created something but after I printed the pictures out it just didn’t quite turn out as I’d like so we just decided to not do it. Plus we didn’t have picture frames so we’d have to go out and get some..I know this doesn’t seem like such a hard task but we were SOOO BUSY those last few days!!! It was the last thing on my mind. LOL. So here are some outtakes for our drink pictures!!!

Here’s the groom and his favorite!

Scooby was chillin with us outside, so we put him to the test and see which he’d prefer:

And he chose the groom’s drink!! But I say the only reason he did was because the rim was lined with salt!!! Otherwise, he’d choose the bride for sure. 😉


  1. I love the cookie monster quote! And those shot glasses would have been adorable. Now I’m hungry 🙂

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