Posted by: tammyandphat | August 25, 2011

Bridal Party Outfits

For my beautiful bridesmaids we got their traditional Vietnamese Ao Dais at Elegant Bridal in Westminster. We got a vibrant blue color. For their bridesmaids dresses we got Bari Jay Chiffon Dresses in Misty Blue. We bought the dresses online at I love a greyish/light blue vintage color and this color was as close to it that I found looking around. I think the girls looked so good! They all got to choose their own style which I think turned out beautifully! To keep with the wedding theme colors, vintage blue and gold, the girls all got gold shoes. Phat and I wanted the guys to wear classic black and white tuxes..I love the classic black and white! A part of Phat’s gifts to the guys were black and white Vans slip-ons which the guys all changed into for the reception. I think the whole bridal party looked snazzy! All the kids looked so cute too



  1. Where did you get your ringbearer outfits adorable!

    • Hi Gina!

      Thanks! The ring bearer outfits were all separate pieces. I told the mom’s of the ring bearers to just have them wear a pair of their own black slacks and white shirt, black shoes and I bought their suspenders at Burlington Coat Factory and found their bow ties online. I wanted paperboy hats for the boys, they sell them online, but the mom’s found them at Target!

  2. Hi there! I just had a question about your Misty blue bridesmaids dresses :). I think they look gorgeous. I love the color I’m just wondering if its more blue than green. In some of your outdoor pictures it looks the blue that I’m looking for, but in some of the indoor it looks really pale green. Could you send me more pictures?

    • Thank you! They are definitely blue. I loved the blue color as well. The dresses are by Bari Jay and the color is Misty Blue if you look online you can find more pictures of the color from the designer 🙂

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