About Us ~ Our Story


I was born in Fountain Valley, Ca.  I have 2 siblings, Laura Huynh and Tung Huynh, and a my mom, Phuong Nguyen, who made me the person I am today.  I come from a big family, who all had a part in raising me.  My mom is the 4th out of 15 kids.  So at times it can get a little hectic.

Some random facts about me:

Start off with the obvious, I LOVE FRIED CHICKEN!

Most of my favorite TV shows are shows that Tammy likes, its easier this way.

Music nowadays is becoming CRAP!  So I like to stick with 80’s.  Can’t really go wrong with the 80’s.

Places I want to visit would include, Ireland, Vietnam, France, England, Germany, and Greece.  Hopefully Tammy and I will be able to do some of this before we have kids.

Things I plan to do in the near future: Sky Diving and Bungee Jumping

Plans for the future: Quality of Life with the Family and Friends (Nothing else matters)


I was born in Huntington Beach, CA. I have two older siblings, Michael Nguyen and Suzanne Nguyen and two wonderful parents, Kim and Johnny Nguyen.

My family and I lived in Huntington Beach for a few years, and then we moved to Vancouver, Washington where I had the best childhood and lived there for 3 years until I was about 8.  We moved back to Huntington Beach, CA and lived with our uncle until we moved to our current house in Westminster, CA.

Some random facts about me:

Favorite Shows:  Saved By the Bell, Friends, cooking shows on Food Network, Sex and the City, Grey’s Anatomy, Cougar Town, Modern Family and currently getting into Lost.

Favorite Movies:  I have many favorites, but some that stick out are Moulin Rouge, The Wedding Singer, Sex and the City, Princess Bride, Airplane, Sandlot, Robin Hood Men in Tights, and I LOVE Disney movies!

Music:  I really like music from the 80’s and 90’s but right now I am really into Lady Gaga

Food:  My favorite thing to eat is my dad’s famous Pho and I love everything my mom cooks.  My guilty pleasures are Popeye’s Chicken and popcorn chicken from Tapioca Express. YUM-O!

In my spare time I love shopping with the girls, going to the beach, watching movies, playing tennis, reading and playing games on the iPad, spending time w/ my family and our dog Scooby, hanging out with friends, LOVE trips to Vegas,  eating, sipping on margaritas, and spending time with Phat..it doesn’t even matter what we’re doing…just love his company.

I graduated from California State University of Long Beach with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management in 2009 and I am currently working for the City of Westminster, Community Services & Recreation Department as a Class Coordinator/Admin Aide.

We love to eat! What incriminating photos!! :-p

Phat enjoying some cake while taking a family photo..

Tammy mesmerized by a plastic KFC drumstick….

I knew I could lure Phat in with my drumstick….

Our Story (By Phat)

Every time I think about our story, it never fails to put a smile on my face.  Thinking back when we started.  Thinking of what we went through and what became of us.

I don’t think I made such a great impression on my future wife.  She does not remember me from the ONLY class I had with her in high school.  She says she remembers, but I think she is lying.  The class did not play a big part in our story but that is when we first met.  If you were to ask me what the first thing I remember about how our relationship began, was between classes when I would see her walking from a far and we would make eye contact and smile at each other.

Big thanks are owed to our mutual friend, Jennifer Lin.  She helped us guide the path to each other.  With neither of us knowing, we would be telling Jennifer about each other on a daily basis.  As time progressed, we enjoyed each others company more and more.  This is where my pursuit began.  One day, a switched just turned on in my head and I just wanted to be with her.

I think Tammy wanted to see what kind of guy I was.  She was not ready to commit to a relationship just yet.  So I waited patiently until she was ready.  When I say patiently, I mean there was nothing I could do, so I had to let it play its course.  We were basically a couple without the title at that time and I tried and kept trying to get her to commit.  Every time I took a shot at it and failed, oh boy did that sting.  But being the stubborn person that I am, I tried anyways.  I just knew I did not want to be with any other girl so what could I do.  I think we all can guess the outcome of how this story ended.  After about a year trying to persuade her, she pulled a fast one on me.  On January 5th, 2003, Tammy asked me to be her boyfriend. Triumph!

We recently celebrated our 7th year anniversary this past January.  So according to Tammy we have been with each other for 7 ½ years now.  But to me it’s been like 8 years.  I count the, what I call “The Pursuit Years”.  We’re always adding to our story and can’t wait to add another chapter in our lives with the Wedding.  Thanks for letting me bore you a bit.  I believe Love exists, you just have to work harder at it sometimes.

Our Story (By Tammy)

Before we became friends, we knew of each other but never really talked.  I remember the first time we really had a conversation was after school when I was waiting for my brother to pick me up from Tennis practice.  I saw Phat with an injured hand and I insisted on getting him a bandaid from the nurses office.  We went to the nurses office together and that was that.

I’d say, our story is the classic “friends who became best friends, who became a couple, who became engaged!” Phat and I became really close towards the end of high school when we started hanging out with mutual friends.

Back when we used AOL Instant Messanger all the time, we used to chat on the computer ALL the time. In fact, I still remember all of Phat’s cool screen names!! (tehe).  We became the best of friends and confided in each other and were there for each other through the good times and hard times.  And for the record..Phat was very quiet in the class that we had together..I DO remember him! He was the cool guy that was always in the corner with his hoodie on who was too cool for school :-p.

We were in the friend zone for a while.  One thing that I will always remember, is that feeling I had when I first knew I was attracted to Phat.  He was visiting me at my job when I worked at a clothing store at the mall and when he left, he smiled, and I just felt this click..this butterfly feeling..this “aww, he’s so cute!” feeling that I never really had before..I was in strange territory since I always saw him as “just a friend”. So, just to let everyone know, there’s no such thing as “It’s too late, you’re in the friend zone”..the feeling can happen any time!! Ever since then, every time we’d pass by each other in the hallways at school, we would both just always smile at each other..he just naturally always brought a smile to my face. 🙂 aww..young love.

I do remember one night Jennifer and I were sitting in her car, parked in front of a Boba place in Irvine and I confided in her about Phat.  Apparently, he had been confiding in her about me too!

Eventually, I fell really hard for Phat but I was really scared to jump into a relationship at the time.  I love those high school days, when we had classes in the same hall, we’d always walk together and after class I’d stand by the door and couldn’t wait to see him!  It’s so cute, we would write letters to each other while we were in our classes and when we’d see each other in the hallways we’d exchange letters. They were so much fun to read that I kept most of them. I have a box full of our letters and it’s so much fun to read them today.

I have to give Phat credit. He was so persistent and would not give up on me-on us.  I am so glad he never gave up though, because look where it brought us!

I am so grateful that our paths lead us to one another because I couldn’t be happier.  To be in love with my best friend in the whole wide world and to still have those butterfly feelings when I see him smile is something I never thought I would ever have.  Phat is my rock and my souldmate and I can’t wait to marry him in September!! ❤

First picture together

First Dance ~ Winter Formal at Grand Newport

Random Beach Days


  1. So beautiful!!!! Congratulations on finding something special. 🙂

    • Thanks Matthew!!! So..are we going to Disneyland????

  2. So beautiful!!!! Congratulations on finding something special.

  3. What a beautiful love story of your journey together! I’m so happy for you Tammy! It’s such an amazing feeling to find the perfect person, and I’m happy you & Phat will be spending the rest of your lives together! 🙂

    • Thanks Sandy!! You are sweet.

  4. HI TAMMY AND PHAT! DID i ever say congrats on Facebook!>? We’ll COnGRATUALTIONS!! I still REMEMBER you both during high school!!awwww…. I always knew this day would come… this is such a beautiful thing and i wish you both everything and the best!

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