Wedding Party~Bridesmaids

Meet the lovely bridesmaids!

Maid of Honor

Suzanne Nguyen


Annie Nguyen

Linda Nguyen

Linh Tran

Michelle Nguyen

Viet Le

Yvette Nguyen


  1. so excited for your wedding!

    • On the Wings of LOOOVE!

      • lmao..

  2. stupid.

  3. woot! haha you stole these from all of our facebooks…man mine was like from 4 years ago 🙂

    • LOL! Yeah I tried to get good pics of everyone and I figured that if you guys had them as your profile pics at one time or another then you don’t hate those pics..LOL!! Should I use one of your bday pics?! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was thinking of doing that like..funny pics. haha

      • you can use any pic thats fb approved haha or better yet, you should use pics from when we were kids!!! bwhahahaha jk please dont…;p

  4. I think you’re on to something Annie..haha j/k! mwuahaha

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